Item NO: 48615
Product Name: Cockpit Set (Right & Left)
Description: Hard Plastic & Silicone Rubber
Fit for KB#48601 1/10 Toyota 
Land Cruiser Hard Body
 Price: $87.25
Scale: 1:10
Barcode: 4560394778528
Long Wheelbase: mm
Width: mm
Package: COLOR BOX
Package Size(cm): 35.8 X 25.5 X 8
 Carton Size(cm): 74 X 53 X 42
 Pck./Ctn: 20
1-Dashboard (right&left)
2-Cockpit base
3-Adjustable seat 2 sets
4-Silicone rubber seat 2 sets
5-Adjustable steering wheel (up & down; front & rear; rotary)
6-Gear; Hand brake; Clutch; Accelerator pedal; Braking pedal
7-Decal sheet
8-Installation parts
9-Lighting panel of dashboard (right&left)
10-PC painted lenses of dashboard (right&left)
11-Instruction sheet
12-Cockpit cutting position for gearbox 4 sets:
Type A: Land Cruiser installed in Axial SCX10 
Chassis,    4.53"- 4.72" Tire, 
Ground height of body about 100mm.
Type B: Land Cruiser installed in Axial SCX10_Ⅱ 
Chassis (middle gearbox), 4.53" - 4.72" Tire, 
Ground height of body about 110mm.
Type C: Land Cruiser installed in Axial SCX10_Ⅱ 
Chassis (rear gearbox), 4.53" - 4.72" Tire, 
Ground height of body about 95mm.
Type D: Land Cruiser installed in RC4WD TF2 LWB 
Chassis Kit (Z-K0059), 3.75" Tire, 
Ground height of body about 85mm.

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